.TED_The power of vulnerability.


Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability #TED : http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html

I feel great!
Something has changed since last Friday.
Nothing in particular happened, I don’t know how to explain that.
Suddenly I’ve realised a lot of things.
I changed my mind about a lot of things I used to think about myself for all my life.. things I wrote in my last post.

And then.. tonight, I was on the bus on my way back from work.. (If I have battery in my phone I always like to spend those 20 mins on my TED app watching a video)  And I’ve found this video..

It is about vulnerability and.. think not to be enough.
I’d like to share it with you my friends.

After my post I’ve received emails from some friends of mine giving me their support ♥ and telling me their feeling about, or how not-enough they felt in life.
So I’ve got this is not just my struggle!

This video is my way to say thank you to all of you.
I hope it’s going to open some new doors in the way you see yourself.



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