Christmas . Advent Calendar

advent calendar

Here i am. After a long time I’m here to share with you a new tutorial for a special Christmas gift.

Every year for Christmas I like to spend my time to make an handmade present for the people I feel more special for me.

Some years ago I decided to make this gift for three of my closest friends back then.

I wanted it to be clear that it was from ME, that it was right my style and so it means: natural and simple materials, using things you can easily find at home, and i n s p i r e.

That is the magical ingredient I try to put in every project.

It doens’t care if it is a quote, or something to tell you to take a moment to take care of yourself/to love yourself, or to discover something meaningful that you didn’t know before that gift.

So, in this case it was all about quotes!

I wanted something to inspire everyday and to complete the package there was a gift to bring a simple reminder with them all day long. You’ll understand better when you’ll see the pics. For the moment I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

As I told ,you before you need some simple materials.


For the box:

.a box

.2 different wrap papers


.pom pom

To start I personalised the box with the wrap paper to make it unique and special.

I choose the silver one with the flower pattern, it was so precious an simple at the same time, and to create an outside and inside look I choose a different one for the inside of the box that I just loved it for its colors and the tiny silver spots.

You can easily find a tutorial online on how to cover your box with paper.

I know it would been perfect if it was right in this post, but I made it years ago when I still had no idea to start a blog and share my “secrets” with somebody else. 😀

For the hanger:

.1 dry-cleaner hanger



.double-sided tape

.natural cord string

.vinyl glue or hot glue

. small wooden clothespins

For this gift the dry cleaner hanger as it is it’s too big so you need to be cutted and reshaped with the pincers and pliers.

But if you have a last-minute gift or you want to make something different, you can use the hanger at its normal dimension and follow the instructions (skipping the cutting part) to make a memo, jewellery or memories holding. 😉

Click on the images below to see them bigger. I had to create a gallery because it was putting them too small to see them properly.

For the envelops:

. sheets of recycled paper or 25 envelops


.numbers printed on adhesive paper or numbers stamps.


Ok, I give you options here!

I choose all my 24 senteces and I printed them on the sheets of recycle paper with around the shape of the envelop I wanted to make and cutted them one by one and then fold them.

But if you have a nice hand writing you can choose to buy the envelopes and write the sentence on your own.

For the numbers, at that time the only idea that came into my mind was to print the numbers on adhesive paper and then put them on each envelope, but I’ve never felt it to be the best looking option.

Last year I bought stamps with letters and numbers and I think use them gives a more handmade look to your project and it also looks nicer.

Your choice.


The 25th envelope:

the last envelope it’s for the gift, but also for the last sentence.

I found this amazing necklace on Rock&Rose webside that it was perfect for what I had in my mind.

It just completes it perfectly and it’s something that whoever wears it can open and read it: C’est la vie, to remember that it is just how the life is and we can just learn to embrace it and be grateful for.

Love & Good vibes,



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