This is me..

I have to be honest.. I still have to figure out who I am before write a description of myself, that’s, maybe, why it’s so hard for me to write down this description.

When I was a little girl (around 12 years old) I remember we were studying the Futurism at school.. and I loved it! It wasn’t about their art, but about their philosophy.

“Tutto volge rapido = everything changes”

I still have that sentence stick in my mind like it was yesterday when I red it!

It was the beginning of everything. Of who I’ve been since then and who I am now.

“Nothing is never like the second before”

Change is the one of the two things that have never changed in my life.

The other one is the creativity..

Since I was a child I’ve enjoyed to paint, draw,think to projects, use materials. Growing up I’ve defined better how I like to create and I’ve found out I like more the “male version” of myself. 😀

I don’t like to sew.. and it’s weird if you thing that I took my degree in fashion design. I have no patience for that.

Instead I love hot glue, nails&hammer, wood, tape,… I mean, for Christmas I asked a toolbox!! XD

I’m nuts when it come to DIY! I can spend hours on the web searching for new tutorials/inspirations.

I love the idea to make a unique piece, and to make something on my own.

But.. I feel more motivated when I want to make something for others. I like the idea to use the most valuable thing I have, time, to create something special; something that I hope is gonna give the love I put making it, or happiness to have a new item, or whatever else makes feel good.

I work with people and creativity is something in my spare time, and for the moment it is the way I want it to be. I’m still challenging myself to change, so sometimes I’m so focus on that to put creativity aside, and it’s ok, I like to go along my needs.

As you realise I love to challenge people to change as well.. so I hope you’ll enjoy my blog! 🙂


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